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I've always had a rich internal world. When I was in 3rd grade I won a young author award for a short story titled The Gingerbreads. Buoyed by early literary success, I followed it up with a sequel, The Cake with the Gingerbreads. As I got older, life got in the way, and I stopped writing. I'd come back to it intermittently, then drift away again. I graduated college and began a career in corporate America. It wasn't until a decade later when I stopped flirting with writing and got serious. I was a new mom, and I started writing about motherhood. I started calling myself a writer. I went to workshops and readings. I met other writers and talked about writing. I fell in love with the craft. It felt like coming home. Today, I write narrative nonfiction and poetry. Themes in my writing include motherhood, personal growth, loss, social justice, and complex relationships. Currently I am Chairwoman of Write On The River, a literary arts nonprofit serving writers in North Central Washington. I blog about motherhood at Wenatchee Mom Blog. I'm a regular contributor to The Good Men Project, and have also been a guest blogger at Literary Mama.

When not wrangling my two small children, most of my time is spent fantasizing about being interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air.


Finalist, 2017, Pacific Northwest Writers Association: memoir

Contributor, 2018, Washington's Emerging Writers Anthology 

Fancy List of publications



Congratulations! (in Literary Mama)

Refugee (in Rising Phoenix Review)

Open-Air Market (in A Quiet Courage)

The Disorder of Things (in Mothers Always Write)


Arizona (forthcoming in Jellyfish Review)

Getting High (in 34th Parallel Magazine, issue 58. Purchase it here)

Always Be The Months (in the anthology Washington's Emerging Writers, out from Z Publishing. Purchase it here)

Why I Started Questioning What Pics Of My Kids I Post On Social Media (in Scary Mommy)

The Lesser (in Cold Creek Review, December 2017 issue)

A Daughter and her Father (in Red Fez)

Finding Home (in Red Fez)

The Quiet Ones (in Moms and Stories)

The Wave (in The Good Life)

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